School Essay Competition

Each year to celebrate National DNA day, the Irish and the European Societies of Human Genetics runs a school Essay writing competition. More information is available on

National DNA Day (April 25th) celebrates the successful completion of the Human Genome project in 2003 and the discovery of the DNA double helix in 1953.

The competition is open to all students aged 14-19 years of age.

2021 Competition Winners

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2021 National DNA Day Schools Essay Writing Competition for their essays:

First prize (€500)

Miss Anna Smyth

St. Andrews College, Dublin

Second prize (€350)

Miss Leah Carew

St. Anne’s Secondary School, Tipperay

2022 Competition Details

The title for the 2022 National DNA Day schools Essay Writing Competition is: ‘How can DNA help us to discover ancient human history?’

More details can be found on

Some resources might be helpful:


Episode 1. Prologue

Episode 2 . Out of (Eastern) Africa

Episode 3. Weathering the Storm

Episode 4. Agriculture rocks our world

Episode 5. Epilogue


Episode 1. What are genes?

Episode 2. What are SNPs?

Episode 3. Where do your genes come from?

Episode 4. What are phenotypes?

Episode 5. Why no Y?

2022 Competition Entry Details

If you are a secondary school would like to receive information about the school essay competion (1 or two emails/year) please send your contact information (name, title, school postal and email address) to