History of the ISHG

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Previous Presidents

Previous Presidents: All presidents of the ISHG have volunteered their time and expertise to the Society. They would all have previously acted as chairperson (‘secretary’ prior to 2021) for a period of 3 years, organising the running of the society and the annual ISHG conference, with the backing of the members of the committee (‘council’ prior to 2021):

Previous presidents:

1998-1999 Peter Humphries

1999-2000 Nollaig Parfrey

2000-2002 Andrew Green

2002-2003 David Barton

2003-2005 David Croke

2005-2007 Dan Bradley

2007-2009 Denis Shields

2009-2011 Dr Colette Hand

2011-2013 Dr Anne Parle McDermott

2013-2016 Dr Derek Morris

2016-2019 Ms Johanna Kelly

2019-2022 Prof Gianpierro Cavaleri