History of the ISHG

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The ISHG was the brainchild of Dr David Barton, Dr Nollaig Parfrey, and Dr Paula Byrne. All three attended the 1997 ESHG in Genoa. In the evenings they used to meet up in a local hostelry, ‘I tre merli’ (‘The three Blackbirds’) to discuss the days lectures and one evening they decided what Ireland needed was its own Human Genetics Society and the Irish Society of Human Genetics was born.

The first president of the Irish Society of Human Genetics was Prof Pete Humphries.

Past Presidents

All presidents of the ISHG have volunteered their time and expertise to the Socety. They would all have previously acted as chairperson (‘secretary’ prior to 2021) for a period of 3 years, organising the running of the society and the annual ISHG conference, with the backing of the members of the committee (‘council’ prior to 2021):

1998-1999 Peter Humphries

1999-2000 Nollaig Parfrey

2000-2002 Andrew Green

2002-2003 David Barton

2003-2005 David Croke

2005-2007 Dan Bradley

2007-2009 Denis Shields

2009-2011 Dr Colette Hand

2011-2013 Dr Anne Parle McDermott

2013-2016 Dr Derek Morris

2016-2019 Ms Johanna Kelly

2019-2022 Prof Gianpierro Cavaleri