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The Irish Society of Human Genetics promotes research and education in human genetics. It provides a forum for those professionally involved in human genetics and molecular medicine whether in research, education, clinical service or other professional activity.

The ISHG is of interest to geneticists, molecular biologists, medical doctors, laboratory scientists, epidemiologists, ethicists and lawyers. We invite you to join the ISHG by registering for this year's meeting and to support and share in our activities.

COVID-19 vaccines

There is significant public interest in the new mRNA based vaccines for COVID-19 as they depend upon new technology. Unfortunately there is much misinformation circulating online regarding the mechanism of these vaccines. Therefore the council of the ISHG has decided to issue a statement here to the effect that mRNA vaccines do not alter your DNA in any way. This also means that they cannot alter the DNA of your children, whether conceived before or after the vaccination. See the ESHG statement here for more information. 

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